November 13, 2012

Beyond Manila

This site has been closed since August 2011 after I moved to BehindBjornManila on September 2012 and then moved to my fashion site You'll be automatically redirected to my current blog now. If not, visit Thanks for the endless support throughout my five years in blogging!

August 24, 2011

Moving Forward.

April 28, 2010 - August 24, 2011

I am now officially closing my blog BjornxManila.
But don't get the wrong impression,
I am moving to a bigger and better site
this September. Thank you for all your support.

It's time that my blog gets a style and identity of its own.
It's time to redefine myself as a blogger.
It's time to meet the boy behind the photographs in a new perspective.
They say September is the January of fashion.
Watch out for me.

Carpe diem.

August 23, 2011

Save Innocent Lives And Stop Abortion.

 "Our project was about creating an advocacy that our whole block is to stand by and support. We chose this advocacy because we see it as very timely in today's generation, with abortions being conducted nonchalantly everyday. It's either having second thoughts about having a baby, or running from responsibility on the parents' part."

FMA8, one of the multimedia arts blocks in SDA, created this design for their advocacy project. I am against abortion in any way because I believe that every life is a gift from Him and we should value the lives of every child there is, even the unborn. I had a chat with Carl Chavez, their block president and the one who made the design about this, about this cause that they are promoting. 

 "The design on our shirt was inspired by the unborn children we saw preserved in jars in our different science laboratories during our high school days. With our advocacy's tagline, "Save innocent lives, stop abortion," we planned to express that every time you abort a baby, you take an innocent life away. We want children to experience life outside the womb, because we'll never know who they could have been if they were aborted. They could be the next greatest artist, writer, fashion designer, lawyer, doctor, engineer, and so many other things. They could be anyone. They could have been you."

"Our goal is to convince parents to stand up for the life they have created. Children deserve a chance to live. By spreading our advocacy, we are hoping that we will be able to decrease the abortion rate in the Philippines, and, given enough time, the world. Also, all proceeds from our shirt sales will go to the organization of an outreach program for the children of Bantay Bata."

I ask that you support their advocacy project against abortion.
They are selling shirts for only 150 pesos for XS,S,M,L and XL and 160 pesos for L.
You may contact Carl at 09166138273.

August 22, 2011

For The Love Of Bow Ties.

I have seventeen new bow ties that I bought from an acquaintance 
who recently launched his accessory line named Aparadore du Jour.

The bow tie has been a signature piece for me and 
my friends have associated me with this accessory.

I am giving away one of these beautiful designs
to a reader who correctly answers this question first:

What is the brand of the first bow tie that I've ever worn?

Comment on this post with your name, contact number and answer!

August 20, 2011


Held last night at Seventh High was R18, my dear friend Roxy Santillan's 18th birthday party.
Style Diary
Azure button-down
Wharton bow tie from SM Department Store
Onesimus coat
Oxygen jeans
Topman socks and shoes

I had one of the best nights of my life thanks to my CK.

Happy birthday Xyza! We love you so much!

August 18, 2011


Held last August 18, 2011 in the SDA Green Room was Beauté: A Fashion Glam Night Out

Style Diary
Floral printed button-down from ukay
Dean&Trent blazer
Topman khakipants
Mundo shoes
bow tie from SM Department Store

Mi love, Monica Mariano, all dressed up in black and gold. 

The lovely guest speaker of the evening,
our dear Vern Enciso.

My stylist partner, Gelo Arucan,
dressed up in his quirky but chic style. 

My little sister Verniece Enciso
also wore floral during the night.

So here's what happened during this crazy night of fashion.

Congratulations Vern for a successful talk!
And thank you to the organizers for awarding me and Verniece
as Symetrique's Mr. and Ms. Fashionista.