April 28, 2010

Clean Slate.

When we were young, we always like getting new things - may it be gifts, toys, clothes, or even a simple notebook that will be used come June. Things were good when we were young. We spend our Manila summers carefree. I waxed nostalgic about how I spent my summers back then. Strolling down Manila Bay, eating brunch by the shore, renting a bicycle, running barefoot, and ending the day with a cold buko (coconut) juice - these are some of things we used to do back in 1998. Things were good when we were young. Things were good when we were young. I can’t stop saying this line. Turning eighteen makes me reckon on what’s ahead but I am happy that as I grow older, the more I learn how to enjoy life.

I’ll be going to college in a month and I am very excited of what’s in store for me - new school, new teachers, new friends, new phase and a new blog. Cheers to a new beginning. I welcome you to BjornxManila blog.

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