April 29, 2010

When I Turned Eighteen.

I am so grateful to have received these three gifts during my birthday. 

1. Buttondown from H&M Austria. Thanks to my aunt who just arrived recently and is now staying in our home.
2. The Sartorialist Book. Thanks to my best friend for giving this to me. Whenever we would pass by National Book Store in Galleria, I would often stop, look at the window display, and tell him that I'll buy that book one day. Turns out this will be a birthday present from him! Thanks so much bro!
3. MacBook Pro. Last year, my mom told me that when I go to college, she'll buy me a MacBook. After getting a full scholarship in De La Salle - College of St. Benilde and graduating with honors, I jestingly hinted her about her promise. We asked my brother to buy this from Los Angeles and after a few weeks, it arrived in my bedroom.

My birthday party is a week from now and I can't wait for the surprises my friends will give me.