May 10, 2010

The Party Don't Start 'Til I Walk In.

INVITATION READS: You are under arrest for being closely associated with Manila's Most Wanted, Bjorn Michael M. Bedayo. You are therefore adjured for interrogation along with 80 other suspects on the 7th of May at 360 Restobar, A.Venue Makati. Interrogation starts at 9:30PM sharp.
Your stylish attendance and bribes (gifts) will forfeit you from lifetime incarceration. We will be waiting.
- CARPE NOCTUM Police Department

I've planned this momentous occasion since the start of summer. There were a lot ideas in my mind but the whole criminal theme struck me because of one Gossip Girl episode. I wanted to see everyone dressed to the nines, that's why I enforced a "black and white dress code". Half of my guests promised me that they would be attending but they ended up not going at all which really disappointed me. Nevertheless, the significant people in my life were all present in this special night.

The seventh of May arrived and I unfortunately woke up at two in the afternoon. (This was my first time to wake up this late.) I hurried to a nearby salon and had this very "risque" haircut. The tramlines were created by my fellow youth member in SK. I rushed back to my house and dressed up with my eclectic and colorful style. At the struck of eight-thirty, I arrived at 360 Restobar.

I decided to just serve beers so that it would not be that costly in my part. About ninety-five were consumed throughout the night.

And from here on, I let the photographs narrate the story.

"Thank you so much to everyone who went to this momentous occasion! I feel so grateful that everyone enjoyed this special night. Anvaya, PM, Versa-Vise, FF, Search-In, SACB, and to all my close friends, I love you all! Carpe noctum!"

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