May 12, 2010

You Gave Me Hope.

“A hero takes extraordinary steps, with total disregard for personal safety and security, for the benefit of others.” -Gibo Teodoro

I took this photograph of Mr. Gilbert 'Gibo' Tedoro, Jr. a month ago. He attended one of the political rallies of my godfather, Mayor Jun Bernabe, and his prominent party. Months before this, I was already yearning to meet my "president" in person. Gibo Teodoro is truly an inspiration for me and for the thousands of youth of this nation. He was a man of integrity, excellence, and wisdom. He embodies a true Lasallian leader. It was a big disappointment in our part that he did not win the presidential elections. Nevertheless, he gave me hope, he gave US hope. Rarely do we find a leader like him. I hope that he continues to serve our country and to inspire more Filipinos that we can still make a positive change in our society, even in small ways. 

"Whatever decision you make, I know it will be for the better because you're voting for your future, much more than ours. And so I leave our fate, our future in your hands. We believe, we trust in your capacity to bring our country to a better state." -Gibo Teodoro

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