June 18, 2010

Back To Green Hills.

After a few weeks in college, I started missing my second home, La Salle Green Hills. My best friends and I decided to visit our school and the Student Affairs Central Body office which was recently renovated (and we didn't get the chance to experience it back in senior year). Traffic along EDSA was horrible as usual. It took us almost two hours to get there. The sad thing was, when we arrived, almost all of my friends from the lower batches have left already. LSGH boys talaga kapag Friday, haha! It was only the students of the ANHS who were there. We got to talk to our teachers who were all very happy to see us. 

The photograph below is a picture of our high school building. High school is missed especially senior year.

I borrowed a polo barong from my friend Kevin Santos who also happens to be the current SACB President. 
I shall wear his uniform on Wednesday at CSB. It's a block thing.

Time flies so fast when you're having fun. I didn't realize that two hours have already gone by. It was time for me to bid goodbye for now. I'll be back again on the second of July for the blessing of the office.

La Salle Green Hills will always be my second home. 

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