June 3, 2010

The Fifteenth Anniversary Issue.

Check out this month's issue of Preview Magazine. Besides their gorgeous covergirl, Georgina Wilson (the Leighton Meester of the Philippines, isn't she lovely? ), giving a tribute to the Alexander McQueen, they debuted creative director Vince Uy's latest project, the most anticipated, Preview Men. Lorenz and I have been wanting Preview to create a glossy for men and now they have finally made it! It is also Preview's thickest issue yet and features a complete trend report of Fall/Winter 2010. 

The moment I knew that Georgina Wilson was on the cover and that they debuted Preview Men, I rushed from the hotel lobby to the mall in front of it to buy the magazine. That's my brother using my laptop.

Grab a copy now and take a look of Preview Men!

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