June 13, 2010

Independence Day Adventures.

Saturday, June 12, 2010. Philippine Independence Day. Streets of Makati.
My friend, Bryan Arcebal, and I planned to attend Monica Mariano's John Robert Powers showcase at the RCBC Plaza. We went to Makati early to drop by Commune Manila's Independence Day Sale. I didn't manage to get any photographs because a lot of people were there. I told Bryan that since we're already on Perea St., why not walk to the other fashion boutiques nearby? From Perea to Carlos Palanca. I haven't gone to Theodore's Store since they moved to Makati. They still have my beloved Cheap Monday jeans and they're selling it now for only 1400 pesos! (More than half its original price, I'll drop by next week to buy two pairs) From Carlos Palanca to Rada. We went to Trilogy Botique & Canteen afterwards and got ourselves two glasses of root beer float. I want to own a pair of Clae someday. I forgot the name but I'm sure my street wear enthusiast friend knows! From Rada to Greenbelt 5. We went to Greyone Social and checked out the latest drops.

The day was a visual greed of high-end street wear fashion.
At six in the evening, we arrived at the RCBC Plaza and watch Monica's showcase.

Congrats Monica for being an awesome dancer and a fierce, fierce, fierce ruway model!

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