June 15, 2010


Course Code: NATSCA1
Course Title: Human Factors In Design

This is our only art-related subject in the first trimester. NATSCA1 has been the most interesting class for me as it discusses the importance of ergonomics in design and development. It's the type of class where we get to fully express ourselves and our personal styles.

Inside my bag are a set of Schneider fineliner markers, ballpens, (0.3, 0.5, 0.8) black fineliner markers, and pencils. 

This is probably the first time I will say this. I freakin' love the library of SDA! It's like an artist haven inside. Upon entering, you'll see shelves of books related to Fashion, then Graphic Design, then Photography, then Film, then Interior Design, then everything else related to art. I've borrowed books related to fashion photography, lighting techniques, and these three below. We were tasked to critique an artwork and I decided to use the Dior book for this one.

My awesome seatmate, Avi Castaño, sketched beautiful illustrations throughout the three-hour class.

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