July 31, 2010

Oh Shoot, Diana!

I had a quick shoot yesterday in my mini studio to pay tribute to the upcoming Manila Design Week 2010.

On Bjorn: Diana F+ camera, Comeback Kid blazer and buttondown, thrifted black tie, Crazy Eddie's pin, Rodriguez de Alba Bespoke pants. 

July 29, 2010

She's My Only Guilty Pleasure.

And her name is Nutella

Back At The Collective.

The SDA Project team, along with Bryan and Monica, were having a 'meeting' at the SDA Cafeteria with our friend, David Guison. David and I have known each other since before but only through our personal blogs and Facebook. After two years, we finally got to hang out in person! 'Twas awesome finally meeting you, bro! Afterwards, the four of us were talking about some serious topics regarding the industry. A random thought came into our mind - wanting to de-stress ourselves from the tough day, we decided to go to The Collective. It was Lyka's first time to go there so she was very elated to see the different stores found inside. From the moment we arrived, we found ourselves jumping from one store to another. Lyka managed to get this 'fierce' shades from one of the fashion boutiques. We took some funny paparazzi shots of 'The Lyka'. Diva photographer looking, just kidding, haha! This is my first time to visit the Team Manila store in The Collective. I fell in love with the interiors and the oh-so-many lomo cameras inside! Afterwards, we fooled around inside the costume store. They have the quirkiest accessories around! And to end our adventure, we had a quick shoot with the graffiti walls outside Vinyl On Vinyl as our background. I'm sure that we'll be back again in a few days for the Manila Design Week. Who knows, maybe one day, Esme, Lyka, Lorenz and I would have our own boutique in The Collective.

July 28, 2010

Flash, Flash, Flash, Photography.

Meet The SDA Project's gears. 
Lyka Orhel's 50D. My 'Royce' / 40D with a Kid Robot keychain. Esme Palaganas's 1000D. And Lorenz Namalata's Powershot G11 (unfortunately, he wasn't able to bring it). We're absolutely Canon lovers!
Without them, we're nothing. 

July 26, 2010

Lazy Saturday.

I went to La Salle Green Hills last Saturday to attend our Search-In retreat. I'm from Circle 145 and I just feel so thrilled that we are officially ten circles old! Time flies so fast. I waxed nostalgic as I reunited with my batch mates and my close brothers who are currently the seniors of our school. I don't know why but I seem to have made more genuine friends in the lower batches than mine. I love them all. I cannot wait to go back to my alma mater in the near future. College is making me insane lately. 

Garage Second Anniversary Issue.

Honestly, this is the second cover that didn't blow me away. There is something about the typography that makes the cover look very messy and jejune. Nevertheless, I'm still very excited to grab the 2nd Anniversary Issue of Garage Magazine. I cannot wait to see who made it on the list of the Street Dapper Kings. This issue will also be packed with photographs and features from the international Fall/Winter trends. Just a few days to go before I get my hands on this issue!

July 25, 2010

SoFashionista For A Day.

Last Thursday, The SDA Project team got invited to attend the SoFAshionista For A Day: The Blogger Series of the School Of Fashion And The Arts, Manila. Lorenz and Esme didn't have classes while Lyka and I unfortunately had to sacrifice for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Upon arrival, we were introduced to our fellow bloggers who became our classmates for an hour. Nissy of Incognito Glam, MJ of Street Manila, Camille and Christine of Big Bangs Theory, Jill of Love Little Liar and Fold of The Kabog were all present. Little did we know that we would experience being in an actual SoFa class. We discussed about the trends of the current season and because my mind wasn't working at all during that time, I didn't get to answer the "quiz" properly! Sorry Miss Nela, haha! We also got the privilege to meet Miss Amina Aranaz in person, she was so affable and nice to all of us. Due to time contraint, we left early. But I assure that the four of us will be back at SoFa soon for a free sit-in in one of their classes. Thank you SoFa! 

I'll post the photos from Lyka's camera soon. 

July 21, 2010

Acid Wash And Grays.

Sorry for not being able to blog these past few days. I seriously became busy because of the midterm exams and the Frosh Elections Campaign. This is by far the earliest time I left school this week. My dad bought me a pair of acid wash jeans from Crossings, Glorietta 3 last Sunday. I have been yearning to buy a new pair of pants for weeks! My dad also bought the shoes that I wanted for himself (and for me) and I was nothing but excited to wear them to school last Monday. I'll start blogging again this weekend, midterm week is finally over!

On Bjorn: Dean & Trent blazer jacket, Topman stripe tee, Topman v-neck tee, acid wash jeans, Mundo boat shoes.

July 18, 2010

Walk, Walk, Fashion, Baby.

This is one of my three midterm plates for NATSCA1. Influenced by pop art and everything colorful and loud, I depicted the current fashion scene of Manila and the photographers like me who are always prepared to capture every moment that happens on the runway. All the images were taken by me during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010. I know it's too loud but my mood and inspiration influenced my design process in this work. Like what my professor told me, I should try to remove certain elements in order for my design to not be too busy. Walk, walk, fashion baby.

July 17, 2010

The SDA Project Hot Off The Press.

Words cannot express how much grateful we are for this feature on Philippine Daily Inquirer! Thank you so much to Miss Rosanna Aranaz (Little Miss Dress Up) for this feature. Esme Palaganas, Lorenz Namalata, Lyka Orhel, and I are so elated right now.

"The four of us would like to thank you for your time, checking out the blog daily and we hope, little by little, you have been inspired by our features and photographs and that we've contributed towards a better outlook on personal style. Thank you so much!"

Carpe diem!