July 29, 2010

Back At The Collective.

The SDA Project team, along with Bryan and Monica, were having a 'meeting' at the SDA Cafeteria with our friend, David Guison. David and I have known each other since before but only through our personal blogs and Facebook. After two years, we finally got to hang out in person! 'Twas awesome finally meeting you, bro! Afterwards, the four of us were talking about some serious topics regarding the industry. A random thought came into our mind - wanting to de-stress ourselves from the tough day, we decided to go to The Collective. It was Lyka's first time to go there so she was very elated to see the different stores found inside. From the moment we arrived, we found ourselves jumping from one store to another. Lyka managed to get this 'fierce' shades from one of the fashion boutiques. We took some funny paparazzi shots of 'The Lyka'. Diva photographer looking, just kidding, haha! This is my first time to visit the Team Manila store in The Collective. I fell in love with the interiors and the oh-so-many lomo cameras inside! Afterwards, we fooled around inside the costume store. They have the quirkiest accessories around! And to end our adventure, we had a quick shoot with the graffiti walls outside Vinyl On Vinyl as our background. I'm sure that we'll be back again in a few days for the Manila Design Week. Who knows, maybe one day, Esme, Lyka, Lorenz and I would have our own boutique in The Collective.


  1. Nice to finally meet you too! After two years! Hahaha! Sama ako sa Collective! I love artsy stuff :)))))))

  2. We will and we shall comeback here.
    Game, Manila Design Week? :)

  3. David, Manila Design Week, sama ka! :D

    Esme, we shall! :>