July 16, 2010

Dance, Shoot, Dance.

Even though we don't have classes every Friday, I always go to our school to either do projects or meet up with The SDA Project team. I bought this Dean&Trent blazer jacket at the Archeology, Rockwell. It was on sale (half its original price) and I just can't afford to not buy it! We shot our stop-motion film for BIBSTUD on the sixth floor where the ballet studio is located. Since there were no classes being held during that time, we went inside the studio. I hope that we'll use this room next term for PE DANCE.

I got to hang out with my awesome friends (The SDA Project and PM) after our shoot. Everyone is so stylish nowadays and I love it!

From the SDA to Indios Bravos Studios - my blockmates and I went to our second shoot for the day. This time around, we helped another group for their BIBSTUD project. The concept was Adam & Eve with a fashion twist. 

'Twas exhausting on my part but it was definitely worth it. I cannot wait to unveil our collaborative works next week! Carpe diem.

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