July 1, 2010

Impromptu Afternoon Shoot.

Yesterday, I invited my blockmates, Mia Apilado and Regg Macasiray, over to have a quick photoshoot. Upon their arrival, I had to immediately set up the lights and style Mia because the shoot needed to be done in a short span of time. Regg needed to leave early because of other activities. But we still managed to end up with awesome photographs which I will be posting soon. Oh, and forgive my hair, I didn't bother fixing it yesterday, haha!

My big-sister-slash-friend-slash-colleague Lyka Orhel was also in my house because she had to cram the photos for our newest site, The SDA Project. She spent more than five hours in front of my MacBook to edit our shoot. I admire her being keen to every detail of each photograph. Because of time constraint, she began losing her sanity after the long hours with Adobe Photoshop CS5! Haha! We ended at around six in the evening and stayed up all night to launch our new website.

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