July 15, 2010

It's The Collective.

A lot of my friends have been asking me about The Collective located along Malugay Street, Makati. Every store has its unique style that it boasts from the rest but one thing about the community here that I really admire is that everybody knows everybody. Black Book, Crazy Eddie's, Homeroom, and Sundae have the best fashion finds there are, these stores are a stylist's haven. Vintage bicycles found around The Collective are from Hocus New Old Bike Shop. A juxtaposition of modern art, vinyl records and cute toys are showcased and sold in Vinyl On Vinyl. Graffitis are seen on most walls and they are all inspiring especially for enthusiasts like Bryan. The Outerspace Gallery is like a mini modern art museum that features works from C's community itself. And for the food lovers, don't forget to dine in Wabi-Sabi, Wingman and B-Side

Since the outage was still ongoing in Makati, some of the stores were close. I promise that I'll take more photos when we go back next week.

De-stressing mode at Wingman where I found myself more intoxicated than expected. 

Until next week!


  1. Wow! I've always wondered what The Collective looked like. I've some acquaintances with stores there but I never passed by yet. Thanks for sharing some shots! The murals look great. :D

    I've been to your blog a couple of times before (probably almost half a year ago?) I first saw your link from my cousin's production page Vera-Vise (yup Matthew is my cousin!). Then went back here recently through Lyka's blog. Finally decided to drop a comment after several months. Haha. :D

    Just want to say that you've got some interesting stuff here and the SDA Project thing is brilliant. I occasionally drop by even if I'm not from CSB. (I suddenly feel jealous that I never got into art school.) Haha! :)) Will definitely come back. :D

  2. I've known you from 'daddy' Matt! Haha! Super big thanks for the comment Valerie. I really appreciate it! :D Hope to meet you in person. :) Carpe diem!