July 25, 2010

SoFashionista For A Day.

Last Thursday, The SDA Project team got invited to attend the SoFAshionista For A Day: The Blogger Series of the School Of Fashion And The Arts, Manila. Lorenz and Esme didn't have classes while Lyka and I unfortunately had to sacrifice for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Upon arrival, we were introduced to our fellow bloggers who became our classmates for an hour. Nissy of Incognito Glam, MJ of Street Manila, Camille and Christine of Big Bangs Theory, Jill of Love Little Liar and Fold of The Kabog were all present. Little did we know that we would experience being in an actual SoFa class. We discussed about the trends of the current season and because my mind wasn't working at all during that time, I didn't get to answer the "quiz" properly! Sorry Miss Nela, haha! We also got the privilege to meet Miss Amina Aranaz in person, she was so affable and nice to all of us. Due to time contraint, we left early. But I assure that the four of us will be back at SoFa soon for a free sit-in in one of their classes. Thank you SoFa! 

I'll post the photos from Lyka's camera soon. 

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