July 3, 2010

We Love Ramen.

Bryan Arcebal and I went back to The Collective after I gave my 'Royce' to Canon for repair. I was seriously depressed when I found out it will take three weeks for the camera to be fully fixed. We were quite hungry so we looked around and saw this Japanese noodle house named, Wabi Sabi. It was very homey and relaxing inside the place. We both ordered Shoyu Ramen. While waiting, we checked out the 'Noodle Wars' photo wall - it was Shoyu Ramen versus Viet Pho! We got our Ramen noodles after a few minutes and ate it. 'Twas so good! Halfway through our bowls, the owner approached us and asked if he can take our photos to be added on the wall. We both really love Ramen so it's the left team for us!

 Bry and I would be hanging-out at the Collective every weekend. It's officially our newest chill place. 

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  1. The Collective and Makati X please. -___-