July 8, 2010

A Young Artist's Dream.

I had this dream that one day, The SDA Project team (that composes of me, Esme Palaganas, Lorenz Namalata and Lyka Orhel) will be featured on online publications, newspapers, and fashion magazines. Below is Nylon TV's Young Hollywood Preview. They showcased the next big talents of the industry. One day, I hope that my dream will come true. One day.

We are very grateful for all the readers of our blogzine who helped promote The SDA Project. We are very grateful for everyone who made this collaboration possible. We are very grateful that we've reached two thousand hits in a span of a week. The SDA Project promises to showcase to the world who we truly are, who the students of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde - School of Designs And Arts are. The four of us can be seen along the hallways of SDA everyday and we're always on the lookout for those individuals who stand out from the crowd. We love meeting our fellow students especially those from the upper batches. And we're thankful that those whom we shoot were all very affable to us. Midterm week is next week. It will be an intensely busy week! We got our cameras ready. All we need is you.
I quote from our blogzine, "Everyone deserves the limelight, let us be your stage."


  1. congrats bjorn! i always check your site and the SDA's

  2. Thanks so much Onin! :D Kudos to us, bloggers of the Philippines! :)