August 30, 2010

The September Look.

Lorenz, it's time for us to wear some epaulettes!
According to Wikipedia, epaulettes are a type of ornamental shoulder piece or decoration used as insignia of rank by armed forces and other organizations. Military-inspired menswear for Fall/Winter 2010 have been adorned with these.

On Bjorn: Mundo buttondown with epaulettes, TBY acid wash jeans, thrifted leather briefcase. 

August 29, 2010

September Cover Wars.

They say that September is the January in fashion and these 
three local magazines have packed a lot of interesting reads in their upcoming issues. 
Which one's your favorite among the three?

August 27, 2010

Joy Rich.

I discovered this awesome clothing line while reading the current issue of Status Magazine. Whenever I see neon, loud prints and everything bright, I just want to buy it! Unfortunately, they're located on the other side of the world. Maybe when I go to L.A. on December, I can get myself an item from their collection. Here's their Fall/Winter 2010 lookbook.

"Inspired by the freedom and distinctive styling of past decades, highlights of the collection pay homage to pop-culture through striking pop colors, vibrant animal prints, candy coated tie-dye, unexpected sequins, and eye-catching graphics, JOYRICH establishes itself as a stand-out brand in the contemporary street wear market with the newly released Fall/ Winter 2010 collection."

Find out more at their website:

August 26, 2010

Endless Creativity.

What I love about doing photo shoots is that anything you can think of can be turned into photographs as long as you have the creativity and the crazy imagination in you. The studio's one big canvass and you have so many things around you that you could use to achieve what you want. Everyday I have this urge to do photo shoots with different concepts. I sometimes sketch and jot them down so that if there's an opportunity for me to actually create them, I have reference. "If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it's as though I've neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up." -Richard Avedon

August 25, 2010


I honestly did not plan to go to school today due to my sickness but since it was my brother Migi Moreno's birthday, I did not want to miss it for the world. It has been a very long time since my high school barkada, Anvaya, got to bond again. The eleven of us study in five different colleges/universities - four in DLSU, three (including me) in CSB, two in ADMU, one in UP Diliman and one in UP Manila. It is only when there's a special occasion that we get to see each other again and catch up on each other's lives. We met up at the lobby of my school and immediately went to Migi's place up north. We were hoping for a complete attendance but some were unluckily caught up with important affairs. It was a simple yet very meaningful gathering as we celebrate our brother's special day.

From left to right: Lorenz, Ryan, birthday boy, Roi, Gregg, Jubby, Ian and me.

I cannot wait for Victor's shabu-shabu party at Bulacan! See you all soon and once again, happy birthday Migi! We love you bro!

August 24, 2010

Now I Know What I Want For Christmas.

Canon EOS 60D, please be mine soon. 
My Royce doesn't have video recording capabilities and I think it's time for me to get an upgrade.

August 23, 2010

August 22, 2010

Strobe Me Beautiful.

Today was the most important day of my weekend - the photoshoot. It started at two in the afternoon. I managed to borrow some animal prints from my blockmate, Regg Macasiray. Niccolo Cosme was also able to provide me a dress designed by Nat Manilag. It was perfect for the concept of my shoot! It was the dress that Bea Alonzo wore for the cover of Cosmopolitan May 2010. I met our make up artist and hairstylist who were both very amiable. I discussed about the pegs for my model's look and they really worked hard for us to achieve the look. Since my model was rather late, Nonito Donaire was the first to shoot instead of me. We observed and assisted him while he was shooting his wife. I started around six in the evening due to the intensive make up, hair and styling. With the help of everyone, I was able to finish shooting in less than an hour.

Below is an outtake of my photoshoot. It took a long time to achieve the look that I had in mind but I am so grateful that everyone really helped me into putting my concepts into photographs.

I'd like to thank Niccolo Cosme for being such an awesome mentor, Nat Manilag for lending us the animal print dress, Tina Daniac for styling and assisting us in our shoots, my model Mae Chan, our make-up artist Apple Fara-on, our hairstylist Mark Familara and to my classmates who all helped into making this possible! Can't wait to unveil my work. Carpe diem!

August 21, 2010

A Photographer's Weekend.

Today was the second day of my workshop with Niccolo Cosme. Today, I also met a world boxing champion - Nonito Donaire. He asked me a lot of things about photography and we got to talk about how we started in this hobby. I honestly never knew that he was a world champion until I asked my dad (who happens to be a big sports fan) who he is! I admire his passion in both boxing and photography. We meticulously discussed about the concepts of our individual shoots and the lighting that we will use. While one was practicing the lighting of his or her shoot, the others were either modeling or taking down notes and listening to Niccolo's lecture. It was funny seeing Miss Tina Daniac being shot by Nonito. Rarely would you see a world renowned boxer shooting a prominent fashion designer! What I like about our class is that we were interacting and helping each other out with his or her concepts. I am so grateful that Miss Tina offered to help me out in my shoot tomorrow by styling and providing fabrics. 

I am so excited for tomorrow! I hope that all of our concepts will be turned into outstanding photographs! Wish me luck, carpe diem.

August 20, 2010

A Very Anticipated Mentorship.

I met Niccolo Cosme last 2008. I was reading an issue of Metro Him and got fascinated by one of the editorials. I found out that it was shot by him. That was the first time I encountered his name. I wanted to see more of his works so I googled him and found myself in his online portfolio. Since then I have become a fan of his works. I got the opportunity to meet him during his Project Headshot Clinic: Go Glam! last September 2008. I was a little star-struck when sir Levenson Rodriguez introduced me to him. He was very nice and affable to me when he took my headshot. After a few months, sir Lev surprised me when he told me that I will be helping out in a photoshoot of Niccolo at Serendra. I was more than excited to see him in action. 'Twas an unforgettable day for me as I got to know more about the person who I look up to in fashion photography. Come 2010, he announced that he will be conducting photography workshops in his Lighthouse Studio. I didn't get to attend the first three because of the conflict of schedules especially during the latter part of my high school senior year and when I saw that he'll be having another workshop, I said to myself that I wouldn't let this opportunity pass away. A few hours ago was the start of the weekend workshop with Niccolo. It was almost a year since we last saw each other and I was very excited to see him again. The first day was very fulfilling as he discussed about the lighting techniques he use for his shoots.

I'm sure that this weekend will be a bang. Our culminating activity will be an exhibit of my batch's works and I cannot wait to see the outcome of the concepts we have in our minds. Carpe diem!

August 19, 2010

Oh Mon Dieu!

Guess who are coming back this September! My friends and I have been anticipating for the return of Gossip Girl. They shot the first few episodes in the magnificent city of Paris. Blair and Serena got some searching to do. Dan Humphrey, I mean Daddy Dan, got some issues back in Brooklyn. And yes, Chuck Bass is (thankfully) still alive! Can't wait for September 14, 2010.

I have also been inspired by one of the personalities of Gossip Girl to conceptualize this shoot that I will be doing very soon. Watch out for it on or before the launching of their first episode. Saisir le jour!

August 18, 2010

California Girl Gets Some Status.

'Cause California girls are unforgettable. Who else should grace the cover of Status Magazine's Style Issue but Katy Perry! I haven't noticed the new issue of Status until this morning when I checked their website. The last issue I bought was the one that featured Lady Gaga on the cover. I want to get a copy of this issue and also start collecting Status Magazine.

August 15, 2010

What's Inside Your Bag?

Held last August 11, 2010 was Manila Design Week: What's In Your Bag? event. It was a big collaboration of twenty-five of Manila's prominent style and pop culture icons to showcase the items and secrets inside their bags. The SDA Project team was present to witness this big event. We also got to hang out with our friend, David Guison, who was also taking photos of the exhibit. One word to describe the whole night - epic. We met some of the people in the industry today who we look up to and we are very grateful that we got this opportunity. 

We discussed about the 'Justice For Alexis & Nika' movement and it's indeed heartbreaking to find out what happened to them. You can read more about their story here.

I finally got to meet fashion blogger and personality, Karl Leuterio, in person! I met him through Lookbook (when I still use mine) and through our blogs. He was with the very vivacious Gelo Arucan who's currently a junior taking up Digital Filmmaking. It was nice meeting you guys!

It was rather funny when I approached Sarah Meier! I can't even remember the exact words that I told her (and I was honestly stuttering) but she was so kind enough to have her photo taken by the team. 

I have been a fan of the artistic Everywhere We Shoot team that composes of Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garrovillo. Both of them are proud graduates of DLS-CSB. Garovs took up Fashion Design And Merchandising while Ryan took up Multimedia Arts! I was really so excited to meet them both and they were so affable to the four of us. They were pleased when we told them that we were SDA frosh students! Thank you, Garovs and Ryan! Hope to see you around our campus when you guys drop by! 
Check their website at: ( )

The photograph below was taken by the amazing, Revo Naval. He is the art director of STATUS Magazine and an alumnus of DLS-CSB. You want to know what course he took up? I'm so inspired when I found out that he took up Multimedia Arts! I hope that I'll be like him in the future. He's definitely someone who I look up to.
'Twas really awesome meeting you last Wednesday!
Check his website at: ( )

I finally got the opportunity to meet Tricia Gosingtian. I was surprised that the first thing she did was congratulate me for winning in the elections! Thank you Tricia! Her brother, Calel, and I were partymates by the way. 
The photograph below was grabbed from her very prominent blog.
Check her website at: ( )

And the highlight of this epic night - we got to have a photo with THE Georgina Wilson! She's so amazing and she left us very astounded. Look at how tall she is with those heels. I'll never forget this night because of her. 

A huge thanks to my sister, Lyka Orhel, for some of the photographs! Love you!