August 6, 2010

An Artist's Sanctuary.

This is where I breathe, blog, design, read, sleep, work - and breathe. My mom and I designed my room to reflect who I am as an artist. We designed my space to be modern, chic and contemporary. We decided to stick to furnitures with clean and simple lines. They are enhanced by the use of the wenge color. The juxtaposition of red and neutral colors gave my room an instant personality. Too much red, isn't it? I'm obsessed, hehe. My friends know how 'OC' I am with my stuffs to the point that I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I see something in my room that isn't in order. A concrete example is my closet where I painstakingly organize my clothes by color, by the current trends and by mood. The focal point of my room is the wall art that Lorenz and I did a few months ago. The Bjorn Manila art brought my living space to its perfection and I'm grateful that our collaborative work was a success. I have yet to start working on my fashion photography wall beside my desk.


  1. Hi there! Where did you buy your iphone case?


  2. It's Belkin, you can buy it at all Apple stores. :)