August 10, 2010

It's A New Leap.

Tuesday. 12:00pm. My life was changed. While I was taking this long test in FILIP11, I noticed that my phone received a lot of text messages. And it all said one thing - congratulations. Today marks a new phase of my life as I am now officially the School Of Design And Arts Frosh Representative! All the candidates in our party successfully won in the elections! No words can express how grateful I am for the support of my fellow batchmates in the SDA. I also thank the former members of the KA-ISA and the SC family who were all there during the start of it all, without you guys, we're nothing. We promise to devote ourselves into making a positive change in our Benildean Community. As my party-mate Carlo Robleza said, "it is time we translate words into actions". Carpe diem!


  1. Hi! I really like your blog! I get that your a freshman, anyway I'm a senior Science student already at UST. Anyway, keep writing and doing the things you enjoy! I really admire people who get to "work/study" and play. it's great that you're in a course that you really like. when i was a freshman, i planned on transferring to CSB's multimedia arts after our first semester. But anyway, I went with the flow, and here I am stuck in a BS Biology course.

    Ugh, i don't want to complain, but anyway, congratulations to you! And as i've written before, keep inspiring and being inspired. :)


  2. baby chuck bass!! adorable photos. i-pepeg ko to hehe

  3. Margarita, thank you so much for the kind words! :D
    Knowing that my simple blog inspires people like you keeps me going. Thank you so much and I hope I can meet you someday. Carpe diem. :)

  4. Thank you Karl! :D Twas nice meeting you yesterday. Keep on blogging, be well. :)