August 21, 2010

A Photographer's Weekend.

Today was the second day of my workshop with Niccolo Cosme. Today, I also met a world boxing champion - Nonito Donaire. He asked me a lot of things about photography and we got to talk about how we started in this hobby. I honestly never knew that he was a world champion until I asked my dad (who happens to be a big sports fan) who he is! I admire his passion in both boxing and photography. We meticulously discussed about the concepts of our individual shoots and the lighting that we will use. While one was practicing the lighting of his or her shoot, the others were either modeling or taking down notes and listening to Niccolo's lecture. It was funny seeing Miss Tina Daniac being shot by Nonito. Rarely would you see a world renowned boxer shooting a prominent fashion designer! What I like about our class is that we were interacting and helping each other out with his or her concepts. I am so grateful that Miss Tina offered to help me out in my shoot tomorrow by styling and providing fabrics. 

I am so excited for tomorrow! I hope that all of our concepts will be turned into outstanding photographs! Wish me luck, carpe diem.

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