August 29, 2010

September Cover Wars.

They say that September is the January in fashion and these 
three local magazines have packed a lot of interesting reads in their upcoming issues. 
Which one's your favorite among the three?


  1. i'll go for PREVIEW. i think sarah geronimo nailed that cover. all of them are gorgeous though. :]

  2. I love how Preview transforms their cover girl into someone astonishingly different every. single. time. Always a win for me!

    Ruffa looks like a Scarlett Johansen in the Mega cover. Maybe because of the lips. I like the look. But I'm still always partial to Preview!

  3. I'm a fan of Preview and Metro, but Preview wins this one!

    I like the feel of the Mega cover, the diffused blue tone and all, but what is up with the pose? She looks like a midget! And I imagine its very difficult to make the statuesque Ruffa G. look like a midget! She also has no neck and that's not her most flattering face. It's better than their other issues though, which isn't really saying a lot... Mega is going down the drain content quality-wise. It's like they'll let anyone do the styling! I'm hoping their new fashion guy Teej turns things around. They need better stylists and better writers -their articles are blah and a little self-aggrandizing- and better editors! None of that ridiculous "guest editor" gimmick.