August 22, 2010

Strobe Me Beautiful.

Today was the most important day of my weekend - the photoshoot. It started at two in the afternoon. I managed to borrow some animal prints from my blockmate, Regg Macasiray. Niccolo Cosme was also able to provide me a dress designed by Nat Manilag. It was perfect for the concept of my shoot! It was the dress that Bea Alonzo wore for the cover of Cosmopolitan May 2010. I met our make up artist and hairstylist who were both very amiable. I discussed about the pegs for my model's look and they really worked hard for us to achieve the look. Since my model was rather late, Nonito Donaire was the first to shoot instead of me. We observed and assisted him while he was shooting his wife. I started around six in the evening due to the intensive make up, hair and styling. With the help of everyone, I was able to finish shooting in less than an hour.

Below is an outtake of my photoshoot. It took a long time to achieve the look that I had in mind but I am so grateful that everyone really helped me into putting my concepts into photographs.

I'd like to thank Niccolo Cosme for being such an awesome mentor, Nat Manilag for lending us the animal print dress, Tina Daniac for styling and assisting us in our shoots, my model Mae Chan, our make-up artist Apple Fara-on, our hairstylist Mark Familara and to my classmates who all helped into making this possible! Can't wait to unveil my work. Carpe diem!

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