August 20, 2010

A Very Anticipated Mentorship.

I met Niccolo Cosme last 2008. I was reading an issue of Metro Him and got fascinated by one of the editorials. I found out that it was shot by him. That was the first time I encountered his name. I wanted to see more of his works so I googled him and found myself in his online portfolio. Since then I have become a fan of his works. I got the opportunity to meet him during his Project Headshot Clinic: Go Glam! last September 2008. I was a little star-struck when sir Levenson Rodriguez introduced me to him. He was very nice and affable to me when he took my headshot. After a few months, sir Lev surprised me when he told me that I will be helping out in a photoshoot of Niccolo at Serendra. I was more than excited to see him in action. 'Twas an unforgettable day for me as I got to know more about the person who I look up to in fashion photography. Come 2010, he announced that he will be conducting photography workshops in his Lighthouse Studio. I didn't get to attend the first three because of the conflict of schedules especially during the latter part of my high school senior year and when I saw that he'll be having another workshop, I said to myself that I wouldn't let this opportunity pass away. A few hours ago was the start of the weekend workshop with Niccolo. It was almost a year since we last saw each other and I was very excited to see him again. The first day was very fulfilling as he discussed about the lighting techniques he use for his shoots.

I'm sure that this weekend will be a bang. Our culminating activity will be an exhibit of my batch's works and I cannot wait to see the outcome of the concepts we have in our minds. Carpe diem!

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