August 15, 2010

What's Inside Your Bag?

Held last August 11, 2010 was Manila Design Week: What's In Your Bag? event. It was a big collaboration of twenty-five of Manila's prominent style and pop culture icons to showcase the items and secrets inside their bags. The SDA Project team was present to witness this big event. We also got to hang out with our friend, David Guison, who was also taking photos of the exhibit. One word to describe the whole night - epic. We met some of the people in the industry today who we look up to and we are very grateful that we got this opportunity. 

We discussed about the 'Justice For Alexis & Nika' movement and it's indeed heartbreaking to find out what happened to them. You can read more about their story here.

I finally got to meet fashion blogger and personality, Karl Leuterio, in person! I met him through Lookbook (when I still use mine) and through our blogs. He was with the very vivacious Gelo Arucan who's currently a junior taking up Digital Filmmaking. It was nice meeting you guys!

It was rather funny when I approached Sarah Meier! I can't even remember the exact words that I told her (and I was honestly stuttering) but she was so kind enough to have her photo taken by the team. 

I have been a fan of the artistic Everywhere We Shoot team that composes of Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garrovillo. Both of them are proud graduates of DLS-CSB. Garovs took up Fashion Design And Merchandising while Ryan took up Multimedia Arts! I was really so excited to meet them both and they were so affable to the four of us. They were pleased when we told them that we were SDA frosh students! Thank you, Garovs and Ryan! Hope to see you around our campus when you guys drop by! 
Check their website at: ( )

The photograph below was taken by the amazing, Revo Naval. He is the art director of STATUS Magazine and an alumnus of DLS-CSB. You want to know what course he took up? I'm so inspired when I found out that he took up Multimedia Arts! I hope that I'll be like him in the future. He's definitely someone who I look up to.
'Twas really awesome meeting you last Wednesday!
Check his website at: ( )

I finally got the opportunity to meet Tricia Gosingtian. I was surprised that the first thing she did was congratulate me for winning in the elections! Thank you Tricia! Her brother, Calel, and I were partymates by the way. 
The photograph below was grabbed from her very prominent blog.
Check her website at: ( )

And the highlight of this epic night - we got to have a photo with THE Georgina Wilson! She's so amazing and she left us very astounded. Look at how tall she is with those heels. I'll never forget this night because of her. 

A huge thanks to my sister, Lyka Orhel, for some of the photographs! Love you!


  1. Jealous :( I wasn't able to go because I had to study for a long quiz and graded recitation. What a loser, lol. I love Karl and Gelo! They're really nice and funny! Eh when can I meet you guys? Hee.

  2. thanks so much. i love yer blogggggga

  3. Tin, there are still more events to come and hopefully we can meet too! :D Close pala kayo ni Mikka, she's my best friend. :>

    Thank you Karl! I love your blog too, more power to us. See you on the next event. :>

  4. Best friend lang ba? Haha, I kid. Yeah she's my classmate and groupmate in one of my minor subjects! Small world :)

  5. Haha, and I guess you know. :"> But yeah, we've become closer being best friends and I love her the same way. :)

  6. Wow i'm so jealous! I want to meet Georgina too! I think I would cry when I get to meet her! hahaha!

  7. Hi! Um..I think Georgina is not wearing Kermit Tesoro shoes rather Charles and Keith...

  8. Noted bro, sorry for the wrong info, thanks. :)