September 14, 2010

Post Processing.

Sometimes, it takes a long time and even forever for some to achieve that composition in your mind. But after a few hours, you suddenly realize that what's in front of you is something better. It's been hard to select the right photographs and to make sure that they tell the story perfectly. I cannot wait to unveil my latest work entitled, "Chuck Bass Boys". The photo above is a preview of what to expect soon. The layout of the text on the left was based on Preview Magazine's editorials. One of my biggest dreams as a young photographer is to shoot for them and Garage Magazine. Maybe one day, it will just happen unexpectedly. 


  1. We share the same Preview dream. Someday!

  2. Looks good. You're style is very exquisite. Hope you could do a what's inside my bag soon:)

  3. Aww, MJ, someday. :>

    Thank you, I'll do a blog post about that soon. :)