September 7, 2010

The Weekend That Was.

I was home (in La Salle Green Hills) during the weekend because of Search-In. I was supposed to stay but I had to leave early to attend our Lightworks Exhibit at the Lighthouse Studio. This was the culminating event of our weekend workshop with Niccolo Cosme.

I arrived rather early and managed to take photos of the exhibit before the guests arrived.

I returned back at around eight-thirty in the evening and I was surprised seeing the exhibit suddenly crowded! Prominent people in the fashion industry were there and I was very happy seeing them view my works.

My classmate-slash-world-boxing-champion Nonito Donaire (with his wife and friends) and Niccolo Cosme.

Fashion bloggers and style enthusiasts Thysz Estrada, Mike Magallanes, Paul Jatayna, Karl Leuterio and Jan Puentevella.

My awesome classmate Tina Daniac with fashion designers Louis Claparols and Ivarluski Aseron.

The two artists who helped me achieved the look that I wanted, Mark Familara who did my model's hair and Apple Faraon who did her make up.

And, of course, the person who made it possible, our mentor Niccolo Cosme.

We couldn't stay too long because I had to go back to our retreat in the morning. This was a weekend I'll never forget. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us!

Okay, back to reviewing for my finals exam. Carpe diem!

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