October 11, 2010

Bjorn Who.

On Bjorn: Oxygen jacket, Topman shirt with "Bjorn Who?" design, Mundo pants, Aldo plimsolls.

I spontaneously made this last Sunday night when I saw the textile paint inside my drawer. I've been yearning to make this shirt since June and finally got the time and guts (I tend to become anxious when I paint) to produce it. This was inspired by Lagerfeld's "Karl Who?" design that became prominent a year ago. I'll remake this on a plain white shirt soon. Thank you Monica for taking these photos.


  1. Thanks Karl! :D
    Gelo told me you have a Karl Who too! :)

  2. Better than the other..! =) Cool. Are you starting to DIY most of your outfits?

  3. Thanks! I'm starting to do some graphic tees with some little embellishments like epaulettes. :)