October 25, 2010

The Fifth Code.

“I wear blazers all-year round, they’re my staple.” ---upon hearing this from a video asking individuals what their personal style is,  I wondered what it would be like if, just like in the 1950s, guys would be sporting blazers daily. You don’t have to wait for prom or a wedding just to wear one as my designs are meant for everyday use. When it is quite difficult to be noticed in a group of four, as there are 4 pillars in a building and 4 legs to a table or a chair, the fifth item, almost always makes one stand out. - Lorenz Namalata

It's a great feeling seeing your friends turn their dreams into reality. I had a very meaningful conversation with my Search-In brother and one of the greatest photographers of his time, Louie Aguinaldo, yesterday during our retreat. We talked about the many photographers of different generations. "Everyone just needs his or her big break. When the time comes, you too will have one." And I'm very proud of Lorenz Namalata for this big leap as he launched his own label called the Fifth Code. He is one artist who lives out with promise and fervor. And I just can't help but be proud of him!

Please do check out his online store at http://fifthcode.blogspot.com!

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