October 14, 2010

Hello Optimism.

Held last October 13, 2010 at Repuliq Club, Resorts World was Monday Magazine's Launching.
I remembered it was three years ago when there was a small group of individuals sitting around a long conference table planning about a new publication which aims to make a difference in our society. Matthew and I were two of them who assisted Sir Ric Gindap, Sir Lev Rodriguez and the rest of the team in this project. I would often drop by the office to help contribute ideas for it. Unfortunately, the magazine did not push through then. A few months ago, I saw this new magazine in the bookstore entitled Monday Magazine. It was only during my conversation with Matthew dated September 16 did I find out that Sir Ric was the editor-in-chief of this magazine! Hello, optimism - I really got moved by how these two words can turn one's dream into reality. It is indeed true that success comes to those who put their heart into something they are really passionate about. 

I went straight to Resorts World after my classes that ended at six in the evening. 
I wore: Ben Sherman buttondown, Comback Kid blazer, Mundo pants, Topman plimsolls.

This was my first time in Republiq Club
The place is so much better compared to when they were in The Fort.

Versa-Vise: Louie Jay Moises, Iya Miranda and Matt Rodriguez.

The man of the night, Mr. Ric Gindap.

Louie Jay and model Farah Ramos.

My lovely and talented 'parents', Matt and Iya.

Sir Levenson Rodriguez.
It was a pleasure to see you again señor!

Fashion photographer Rxandy Capinpin.

Monday Magazine's fashion + sittings editor and blogger (http://indiebon.blogspot.comBonnapart Galeng.

Monday Magazine's editor-in-chief  Mr. Ric Gindap.

The very stylish Fashion Field Trip.
It was nice seeing everyone again last night. 
Kudos to Sir Ric and the whole Monday Magazine team for a very successful launching. 
Carpe diem!