November 12, 2010

Made In China.

We have been longing to go out of the country since the recent elections and we finally decided to fly to Macau and Hong Kong for the weekend. First stop: Macau, China. This is my first time to go to Macau and I was very thrilled to see the so-called City of Dreams. The flight took less than three hours and we arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel by four in the afternoon. I love how our hotel's connected to The Boulevard where all the fashion boutiques and gadget stores are. A few minutes after settling down, I left our room to buy McDonald's. They have these grilled chicken burgers that are so good! Wish McDonald's Philippines would sell those. Oh, I have to say, food in Macau is so damn expensive. Items purchased: two burger meals and a hot fudge sundae. Cost: roughly 500 pesos! After that lovely merienda, we took a bus (it's free by the way) to Senado Square where we met a fellow Filipino who was kind enough to tour us around the place. I like it how when we meet fellow Filipinos abroad, there's an instant connection and you warmly greet each other with the biggest smile. The girl who served coffee in the hotel's lobby, the security officer in the bank, the beautiful tall girls who were promoting The House of Dancing Waters, the kind lady who has been working as a domestic helper for fifteen years - all of them still carrying that heartwarming Filipino smile. We ended the night by taking a saunter at the Venetian Resort Hotel. Everything was just picturesque. 

Style Diary:
On Bjorn: Mint jacket, thrifted v-neck tee, Cheap Monday pants, 
dad's topsiders and my trusty bag that I bought from SM Department Store.

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