November 28, 2010

Preview Takes It To A Whole New Level.

There are two things that I love about Prevew Magazine's December 2010 issue. 
First, the lovely Solenn Heusaff graces its cover. 
And second, this will be the first magazine in the Philippines that comes with Augmented Reality technology! 
For those who don't know what this awesome technology can do, watch this video demo made by Esquire Magazine.

I can't wait to go to Preview's press con next week with my fellow bloggers. See you all there!


  1. Hey Bjorn! :-) will see you there!

  2. Maeyenne Sarmientado- BacquiranNovember 29, 2010 at 12:23 AM

    How come I don't know this at all. Where do you get information about Preview's Press Con next week? Tell me, I'm very very interested..

  3. It's an invitations-only event and we, bloggers, were privileged enough to be invited. :)

  4. I was the one who gave your number to Tracy! I asked Mikka for it. Haha. See you next week! :)

  5. Aw, thanks so much Tin! :D See you next week! :)