December 6, 2010

Best Friends.

"Everyone has those people you know? The ones who are there for them through it all. Through every single up and down of your life. They are always right there, riding the coaster with you, squeezing your hand tight on all the biggest, scariest hills telling you, “You’ll be okay, you’ll make it through, you can do this.” You know that they will never hop off the coaster at a stopping point to find an easier ride; they will stick with you because they want to. You trust these people immensely and they trust you too. These people, they complete you, they bring the biggest smile to your face and make your life worth living. You know that they will always be there for you, no matter what, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and all three hundred sixty-five days of the year. You spend each day trying to think of some way, any way, to repay them, to help them understand what they have done for you, but always come up short. You simply tell them thank you, hoping that will be enough, but apologizing when you realize it isn’t. They, though, find it enough for you to be happy and knowing that your coaster has slowed down for now. And as your coaster slowly picks up the pace once again, you know these people are still there, ready to support you and squeeze your hand when you, once more, find yourself riding it out on those hills. And even if, over time, you find yourself apart from these people, you are never truly apart, maybe by the standard definition, but truly you aren’t. Near or far, far or near, these are the people that will always love you and they’ll never leave you."

I don't know how to live my life without these two significant people.
Monica Mariano and Avi Castano, I love you guys 'til death.
Nothing's gonna separate the 3OH's because we'll be friends forever.


  1. for some reason, while i was reading this, i sang "we'll be friends forever" in the tune of "we'll be young forever."

    you guys are the best trio i've met in my life! :D

  2. This post made me miss my bestfriends more... It's nice to know that we have someone to do whatever with :)

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