December 15, 2010

Young And Restless.

After the Adidas Neo Bash, I went to my best friend Lorenz Namalata's party up north. This was one party I couldn't afford to miss as our brother celebrated his birthday. 'Twas nice to see all our high school friends again especially our barkada Anvaya and FF. Rarely do we see each other now and I just treasure the time that I had with them last Saturday night. As the clock ticked, the alcohol started to take its effect on the crowd and things got crazy. Indeed we celebrated being young and restless. 
Once again, happy birthday Lorenz!
John's Fifth Code blazer was nothing but chic!
Isa Dee, Lexie Reyes and John Padaoan.
Sakki Romano whipping her hair.
The SDA Project family: me, Lyka Orhel, Lorenz Namalata and Esme Palaganas.
My Anvaya: Gregg Tolentino, Jubby Santos, Roi Marcial, Karl Duque, Victor Manuel, Lorenz and me.
Unfortunately, Nico wasn't included in the photo and Ian, Migi and Joseph were MIA.
The birthday boy all grown up! Cheers to four years! Happy birthday Lorenz.

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