January 10, 2011

Oh, Shoot! Monday.

It's just the tenth day of the year and I’ve already had three important shoots. I started this Monday with nothing but smiles because I got my course cards in CSB and I'm very grateful that I did so much better this term than the previous one – dean’s list, finally. After getting my cards, I immediately drove to Pioneer Studios for a very big shoot. This time around, I got to work with Senor Levenson Rodriguez and Senor Ric Gindap as the photographer. They were once my mentors and people who I look up to and I always feel privileged whenever I get to work with them. ‘Twas one of the most exhausting shoots I did as we got to shoot ten layouts in total. Despite the fatigue, I am very much pleased with the photographs. I also learned a lot from this shoot and I’m looking forward to work with them again in the near future. Carpe diem.

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  1. did you intern for Ric? You'd really learn A LOT from this man. :)Congrats!