February 2, 2011

The Boys Are Bass.

Garage Magazine welcomes the new year with its stylish and fresh look that I really like. Their Young Talents issue this year is exceptional and their two covers for this issue are the best covers that they’ve made so far. My apologies for the biases but the covers are just so Chuck Bass. I love the styling especially Dorschner’s ensemble. I’ll be getting a red blazer like yours soon. The contents of this issue are very interesting and I just really like the new look of the magazine as a whole. But wait, there’s more! Every magazine you buy comes with Garage: Style on the Street, a 200-page limited edition book on Manila street style as compiled by Garage Magazine. When you scan through that book, you might see a familiar face on, if I’m not mistaken, the thirtieth page. And lastly, don’t forget to turn to page seventeen of this issue because… well you have to buy one to find out or wait until I blog about it tomorrow. Carpe diem.

1 comment:

  1. My guy friends love garage magazine :) And yes the styling was very similar to the one you did last time :)

    Melai of Style and Soul