February 7, 2011

A Chuck Bass Way To A Woman's Heart.

A bouquet of roses has been the most common gift during Valentine’s Day but these ones will definitely make an impact to your girl. You can never go wrong with Tecson Flowers. During the shoot with prominent fashion photographer Darrel Pobre, I got a first-hand look at the flowers and I must say, they are just so Chuck Bass. My apologies if I’ve been using Chuck Bass as an adjective for the past weeks. Each bouquet’s stylishly made and the thing that made me fall in love with them – the flowers are perfectly embraced with a bowtie. My favorite pick is the one in the photo above – Holland roses wrapped in checkered fabric stitched and clasped by a stylish bowtie with a jeweled button. The materials were nothing but in good quality and the flowers were just lovely. I bet any girl even a Blair Waldorf would love to receive them for Valentine’s Day! Tecson Flowers should be every gentleman’s choice.

Photography by Darrel Pobre

To find out more about Tecson Flowers and the products, go to: www.tecsonflowers.com.
And yes, they have an online delivery -  great idea if you’re planning to surprise your girl.


  1. I've seen you during the shoot :) You were on your way out and we were about to get in! Sayang no chance to chitchat but glad to be in the same campaign with you :) Keep up the good work!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. Oh yeah, I remembered you sa door! Sayang, I needed to rush na din home. Well, see you again soon and hopefully we can have a chat. :D Be well. :)