February 23, 2011

How Far We Have Come.

College freshman year went by too fast and it felt like it was only yesterday that we
all took our first step inside the School of Design and Arts building. 
I could say right now that I've had the time of my life this freshman year.
I met my lifetime friends, I got so many opportunities, my friends and I made The SDA Project,
I became the SDA Frosh Representative, I got more opportunities, I made more friends,
I made a few enemies along the way, I surpassed challenges and problems, I became a better me, 
and I met this one special person who changed my life and taught me the true definition of love.

We watched One More Chance in our PHILOMA class yesterday. There's this one line that really struck me and it goes, "at the end of the day, even though things have changed, some things remained the same." No regrets, just love, don't ever look back.

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