February 27, 2011

Sunday Shoot.

I had another shoot today and this time around I went back to where The SDA Project shot our friend David Guison - the streets of Makati. I collaborated with my 3OH's triplet sister, Avi Castano, for this one and we definitely had a great time shooting with our model, Manuela Basilio. I'm so grateful that Yeoh Egwaras gives me the best of the best for my shoots. A true Filipina beauty, Manuela's a fresh face in the industry as she only started modeling three months ago but I have to say, she's a supermodel in the making. She's so kind and bubbly and she definitely delivered beyond our expectations. We immediately fell in love with her after taking the first shot! It was an honor to have a shoot with her. I'm sure that one day, she'll be one of the top models in the metro.

Here's a preview of Concrete Jungle:

Photos courtesy of Avi Castano.


  1. Indeed, oh, and that's only one girl right there, different looks! Galing niya! :D