April 23, 2011

Big Bad Beach.

Sorry for the long absence. I got so busy last week because of finals projects in CSB and I spent the last few days in Boracay, our family's second home. Well, it's only a week before I turn nineteen and that means my blog is also turning a year old! A lot of new things are taking place and I assure you that my blog will get bigger and better for you! Carpe diem. 


  1. love this Bjorn!! :) see you soon??

  2. Bjorn! I super love your necklace :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Vern, thank you! Yesss bakit ba every time that we're supposed to see each other, di natutuloy! :(( Haha!

    Melai, thank you, it's from F&H! :D