April 29, 2011

Fifteen Designers Per Second.

What better way to celebrate the night of my birthday than attending Fashion Designers Alliance Manila's Press VIP Kick Off Party at Seventh High, The Fort! The designers defnitely brought Seventh High to its name. Fashion bloggers, enthusiasts and the industry's finest crowd were all gathered for FaDAL Manila's official launch of its second assemblage. Each designer had his or her own cocktail, and yes, Versa-Vise had its own too! The highlight of the night was the short film that my best friend-slash-dad, Matthew Rodriguez, made and it was more than amazing. Another outstanding work! What more can I say? Thank you FaDAL for making my birthday really special. Carpe noctum.
Birthday boy with mi best friend, Matthew Rodriguez.
The Versa-Vise cocktail.

Such a chic coat by Señor Levenson Rodriguez!
Maverick Lacson did tribal last night.
The talented duo behind OS Accessories, Paul Jatayna and AJ Omandac.
FaDAL's Creatur-in-Chief Levenson Rodriguez and President Jaz Cerezo.
The talented photographer and blogger, Edrick Bruel, and Nante Santamaria of STATUS Magazine.

FaDAL's avantgarde duo, Mike Magallanes and Karl Leuterio, of Paradigm Shift.

Louie Jay, can I have your coat for my birthday?

My awesome caster Yeoh Egwaras and his sons and daughters. 
There's Gic Aquino, Khamae Sore, Abby Diaz (Philosophy Speaks), Amaine Gonzales (Walk Into Fall) and Mark Jason Go (For The Love Of War).
Looking forward to work with Gic and Khamae very soon!

Bonnapart Galeng of Monday Magazine.

Janeth Tia with editor-in-chief of Monday Magazine, Señor Ric Gindap.

Enzo Mondejar, Eric Poliquit, and Randy Capinpin partying the night away.

Señor Levenson Rodriguez, gracias for making my birthday epic!

Mi lovely parents, Matthew and Iya Miranda.

Congratulations FaDAL Manila for a very successful party!
Thank you so much.


  1. love love it!! happy birthday again! :-))

  2. sayang we missed it! awesome event pa naman! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Hi! I met you at the FaDAL event ("met" may be a bit of a stretch; I ogled you from a far and nearly fainted when you took my photo with Jilla, haha). I wanted to introduce myself but my nerves got the best of me. Oh well. Had I known it was your birthday though, I would've made more effort. :3

    Belated Happy Birthday! It was nice [not] meeting you. See you at Bloggers United. :P

  4. Aww, I'd really love to meet the chic girl behind http://thecapriciousclub.blogspot.com/ :"> Haha. If I had known, I'd be the one to introduce myself to you. :) Well, see you on BU! Thank you! :D