April 4, 2011

Little Miss Summer.

Pathra Cadness graced the cover of MEGA Magazine's December 2008 issue and 
was hailed as one of the ten women to watch for 2009. 
She is our Little Miss Summer.

Photography by Bjorn Manila.
Styling by Regg Macasiray.
Make Up by Avi Castano.
Hair by Adam Teh.

Special thanks to Monica Mariano and Janelle Go.


  1. LOOOOOOVEHT! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 My favorite is the one with the Mickey Ears Hair!

  2. hey bro i read your comment on my comment before (i was asking about the best lens to buy) and i did some research on that 50mm. I'm now torn between the one with f/1.4 ($300) and the f/1.8 ($80). i keep reading that the f/1.8 sucks but then when i see sample photos they're good, so i'm kind of confused now? would you have any idea which could be better? didn't know who else to ask haha. thanks for the help in advance.

    last picture's awesome by the way, keep it up!