April 9, 2011

The Project Peacock Comes To Life.

After weeks of preparation for Fashion Speaks - a fashion design competition à la Project Runway in DLS-CSB, we have come up with our peacock inspired outfit that perfectly depicts who we are as the 3OH's. Each team composes of a designer, a stylist and a model. Avi Castaño and I designed the outfit and painstakingly selected the fabrics that we used for it. Avi really put her heart into making the belt and dyeing the trail that resembles the colorful tail of the peacock. Being the stylist, I was tasked to find the perfect shoes for our creation. I pulled out from the very chic Soule Pheonemon. Thank you Nicole Puentevella! And our lovely muse, Monica Mariano brought the clothes to life on the runway. We, the 3OH's, are very much inspired by Katy Perry and her songs. The peacock symbolizes of how we should always keep on moving forward and not having regrets. Our memories, whether they are good or bad, are as colorful as its tail. What we made for Fashion Speaks symbolizes our true friendship and all the memories and experiences that we've been through for the past ten months. As we always say, no regrets, just love.

Here's a snapshot taken backstage.

We bagged third place in the competition. 
We would like to thank everyone who came to watch and support us! 
Our love goes to all of you. 
Thank you for supporting the 3OH's.
We'll be coming up with more works soon!

Thank you to our number one supporter, Carlo Alcala, for taking the video! 
Haha! We love you!

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  1. Thank you sa'kin sa pagvideo ha. :)