April 2, 2011

Saturday With Miss Summer.

I had a very fun shoot today and I'm really grateful to have worked with my 3OH's triplet sisters, Avi Castaño who does the make up in most of my shoots (we're already a team, hehe) and Monica Mariano, the queen of style in our former block FMAA and my fierce friend, Regg Macasiray who styled in this shoot, my buddy-slash-seatmate in two subjects this term who I never expected to do hairstyling, Adam Teh, and our lovely Little Miss Summer, Pathra Cadness. Working with your friends is always fun and even though it was very exhausting (six layouts in three hours), we managed to still make it work. The photos turned out so... Teen Vogue! It's a shoot that I will never forget, thank you for the collaboration, guys, until the next ones. Unveiling Little Miss Summer in a few.

BTS photos taken by Monica Mariano.

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