May 3, 2011

The Briefcase Theory.

Here are my essentials for the month of May:
(clockwise from upper left)

1. Muji notebook
2. My trusty Pilot ballpen
3. Fashionary
4. Tickets for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011
5. My thrifted yet stylish briefcase
 6. My signature bow tie
7. Aldo ring
8. My trusty iPhone
9. My favorite Bvlgari perfume
10. Sunglasses
11. Topman wallet
12. Rosary (I have had it since fifth grade)
13. Kenneth Cole watch
14. "Card wallet"
15. 3D glasses (well, these are really not essential)


  1. I was also wondering about the 3D glasses hahaha

  2. Nice photos and composition!
    Thanks so much Bjorn!

  3. nice photo,where did you get your fashionary?want to have it too..thanks