May 6, 2011

The Minimalist.

The story: Back in my junior year, I met Yako Reyes because of FaDAL Manila. He was one of those designers whom I became close with in FaDAL and when I started studying in CSB, I was surprised to see him along the hallways of SDA. Little did I know he was a professor in the college! I would often bump into him going down the stairs from the ninth floor during the first term. And last term, upon entering the room for my Basic Computing class, I was staggered to find out that he was my professor. He jokingly said when I entered the classroom that I should already drop out from his class! He's one of those few professors whom you'd love to have. Last Sunday, we had a shoot together for Manila Bulletin and here's the result of our collaboration - and a sneak peek of his Holiday 2011 collection:
Yako Reyes for Manila Bulletin

Photography by Bjorn Manila.
Modeled by Andromeda Reyes and Nali Esguerra.
(Trivia: We shot these around top model Ann Casas's apartment)

Oh, and it came out in today's issue.
Just go to C-3!
Carpe diem.

Yako Reyes is part of Premiere C Collection on May 15, 2011 at 4:00PM.