June 27, 2011

The MEGA Fashion Crew.

Finally MEGA Magazine has released the teaser of the biggest reality show this year,
MEGA Fashion Crew. I used to dream of being part of a reality show and now it has been 
fulfilled thanks to MEGA Magazine! Get ready. I am one of the sixty talented artists who are gonna 
invade ETC every Saturday, 7PM, starting on July 30, 2011!

One of my fellow contestants made the poster below. Good job Ken Batino! Effort!
And I present to you my MEGA Fashion Crew family.
We're indeed a family and I love each and every one of them so much!
Marami kaming napagdaan and they helped me grow not only
as a photographer but also as a person. They changed me. 
They inspire me. They are my family.
Guys, alam niyo na yan, your Baby Bjorn loves you. 

I'm nothing but grateful because a lot of big opportunities were given to me
during the first half of the year. And I know that more big things are about to come.
Thank you so much God. Thank you so much to my family and friends, and to
each and every one of you who supports me in every way. 

Carpe diem!

June 26, 2011

Got Pride?

The idea's very close to my stylist partner Gelo Arucan's heart and I was more than willing to be the photographer for this - it is an advocacy shoot for the LGBT community of our country. We collaborated with talented designers and labels who also support the community: Levenson Rodriguez, Sassa Jimenez, Paradigm Shift, OS Accessories and Gold Dot. The models are proud to be part of the LGBT community and we all support LGBT rights and equality.

I am Bjorn Manila and I support the LGBT community of the Philippines.

Photography by Bjorn Manila.
Styling by Gelo Arucan.
Make Up by Avi Castaño


Chris Go  

Gerald Santos 

Kahlel Urdaneta  

Farris Reffat  

Tony Cabatit  

Honey Lopez 

Merry Quibingco  

Tim Villa-real 

Aries Manal  

Miguel Ochosa

June 25, 2011

The Green Army.

I got featured on Philippine Daily Inquirer 2bU Lifestyle today!
Thank you Maureen Manuel for this.

June 24, 2011

Rough Rain.

Weather's been so terrible in Manila for the past days.
Be safe everyone!

June 22, 2011

Typography Tuesday.

Yesterday, we made a typography plate for our Principles of Design class.
We had to incorporate our individuality and course in to our design so I
made use of my photograph for Manila Design Week 2010 and words
that are often associated with multimedia arts. What do you think?

June 17, 2011

Lasallian Centennial Celebration.

Style Diary
Penshoppe hat
my LSGH x SACB statement shirt
Topman pants
Mundo loafers

Last Thursday was the most memorable day for all the Lasallians.
We celebrated the 100 Years Of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines
at De La Salle University. With me was my best friend, Carlo Alcala,
who was also wearing my shirt that day.

We went immediately to DLSU after our second class when our professor
decided to cancel our quiz and asked us to go there already. It was pretty
crowded as expected and we were easily exhausted by it. I managed to
bump into my LSGH brothers and also my best friends in DLSU whom I rarely
get to see. Here are photos that I grabbed from Carlo's blog
(check out his blog too, guys) at http://carloalcala.tumblr.com:

I am very proud to have been part of this
momentous occasion. Animo La Salle!

June 15, 2011

One La Salle.

Tomorrow marks the 100 Years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines.
This shirt design has been my greatest contribution in the Lasallian community. 
I am proud to have designed this when I was about to graduate in
La Salle Green Hills about a year ago. We were able to sell more than seven
hundred shirts and gathered a lot of funds for our beneficiaries including Jaime Hilario
Integrated School - La Salle. This has been my legacy in La Salle Green Hills
 and today I continue this legacy that I have started in
De La Salle - College Of Saint Benilde. 
I am Bjorn Bedayo, 
LSGH 970222,
DLS-CSB 11064617,
a proud Lasallian. 

To all my fellow Lasallians: what's the best shirt to wear tomorrow? 
The ONE LA SALLE shirt of course! 
Please wear my shirt tomorrow as we celebrate 
100 Years of Lasallian Presence. 
Animo La Salle!

June 14, 2011

Sunset Boulevard.

Style Diary
Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke coat
H&M shirt
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

I apologize for yet another long absence from my blogging.
We (Benildeans) are now on our fourth week already. 
Time flies too fast this term and I've been so busy lately.
Midterms are fast-approaching and I'm just enjoying the term - 
the bipolar weather, the random adventures and the very contagious laugh
of my World Literature professor, Ms. Charlie D. 

The  SDA bag as seen on the photograph above
is one of the things that Avi Castaño and I made for our fellow schoolmates. 
We're planning to sell them very soon.
Make sure to buy one, guys!

On the other side of Taft Avenue, I recently designed a shirt in line with
the Lasallian Centennial Celebration at De La Salle University
and it's being sold right now in the Centennial bazaar! 
This is in partnership with my best friend,
Migi Moreno, and his brothers. Here are some photos that they took last week:

"Sa La Salle ko natagpuan ang taong mamahalin ko...
sa susunod na 100 taon."

I hope you guys buy it.
I'll drop by the bazaar on Thursday.

And one last thing...
Get ready for the biggest reality show to hit local television! 

Mega Fashion Crew - Generation Mega Season 2.
 July 2011 on ETC! Watch out for this.

June 13, 2011

The Pride Weekend.

Last Saturday, I had a very different kind of shoot with my stylist
partner, Gelo Arucan. It's different because it's an advocacy shoot in
support of the LGBT community of our country. The shoot's very much 
close to Gelo's heart and I was more than willing to be the photographer for this
advocacy. I'm very grateful that a lot of designers and stores gave their support
in our shoot. Thank you Señor Levenson Rodriguez, Sassa Jimenez, Proud Race,
Gold Dot Shoes, Paradigm Shift and OS Accessories! I would also like to thank the models 
who took part in this shoot. Gelo's really the best stylist partner 
that one could have. He really devoted much of his time in making our shoot
a huge success and we're very proud and happy of the outcome of this collaboration.

Got Pride? to be unveiled soon.
Carpe diem.

June 12, 2011

Back To Back Action.

Make sure to grab this month's STATUS Magazine as they present their first back-to-back 
covers featuring Shannyn Sossamon and P.ROD. This is one action-packed issue as they
feature not just those in sports but also in people who are making big moves and doing 
something great in their own fields. 

And the highlight of this issue for
me is our STATUS x Oxygen Philippine Fashion Week photo diary
produced by Dan Buenaventura, covered by Agnes Elia and photographed by
Aljan Lorenzo, Bruce Casanova and me.

Buy STATUS now, folks!