June 13, 2011

The Pride Weekend.

Last Saturday, I had a very different kind of shoot with my stylist
partner, Gelo Arucan. It's different because it's an advocacy shoot in
support of the LGBT community of our country. The shoot's very much 
close to Gelo's heart and I was more than willing to be the photographer for this
advocacy. I'm very grateful that a lot of designers and stores gave their support
in our shoot. Thank you Señor Levenson Rodriguez, Sassa Jimenez, Proud Race,
Gold Dot Shoes, Paradigm Shift and OS Accessories! I would also like to thank the models 
who took part in this shoot. Gelo's really the best stylist partner 
that one could have. He really devoted much of his time in making our shoot
a huge success and we're very proud and happy of the outcome of this collaboration.

Got Pride? to be unveiled soon.
Carpe diem.

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  1. B, it's Gold Dot Shop not Gold Dot Shoes. :p


    Thanks for the nice words. I can't wait for the unveiling of this!