June 14, 2011

Sunset Boulevard.

Style Diary
Levenson Rodriguez Bespoke coat
H&M shirt
Topman khaki pants
Mundo shoes

I apologize for yet another long absence from my blogging.
We (Benildeans) are now on our fourth week already. 
Time flies too fast this term and I've been so busy lately.
Midterms are fast-approaching and I'm just enjoying the term - 
the bipolar weather, the random adventures and the very contagious laugh
of my World Literature professor, Ms. Charlie D. 

The  SDA bag as seen on the photograph above
is one of the things that Avi Castaño and I made for our fellow schoolmates. 
We're planning to sell them very soon.
Make sure to buy one, guys!

On the other side of Taft Avenue, I recently designed a shirt in line with
the Lasallian Centennial Celebration at De La Salle University
and it's being sold right now in the Centennial bazaar! 
This is in partnership with my best friend,
Migi Moreno, and his brothers. Here are some photos that they took last week:

"Sa La Salle ko natagpuan ang taong mamahalin ko...
sa susunod na 100 taon."

I hope you guys buy it.
I'll drop by the bazaar on Thursday.

And one last thing...
Get ready for the biggest reality show to hit local television! 

Mega Fashion Crew - Generation Mega Season 2.
 July 2011 on ETC! Watch out for this.

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