June 22, 2011

Typography Tuesday.

Yesterday, we made a typography plate for our Principles of Design class.
We had to incorporate our individuality and course in to our design so I
made use of my photograph for Manila Design Week 2010 and words
that are often associated with multimedia arts. What do you think?


  1. Very creative, i love it! New follower here, Hope you check out my blog. If you like it follow me back..hihihi...


  2. this is amazing. often times people neglect how typography makes great art. it's not just about the sketches and the drawings. i remember my thesis back in college when we came up with an art magazine for the filipino youth and during the process, typography played a very important role in the layout and in the way you put the titles of the articles in the cover of the magazine.

    two thumbs up for this work! i'm a new follower who will anticipate for your next posts! that is for sure :)

    much love,